Best WhatsApp Status of 2019 | Letst Quotes and images

Best WhatsApp Status of 2019 | Letst Quotes and images

Friends, nowadays, there is a tremendous amount of practice on whatsapp to do. People use whatsapp status according to their mood. Or you can say that people use Whatsapp status to express their feelings. Not only this, people have to resort to whatsapp status, even if someone has to make special specials or to tell them about their feelings.

People also use WhatsAppSpace to celebrate all these celebrations from birthdays to special festivals. Whatsapp status has become a way of life between people, through which people are expressing their thoughts and ideas in front of the people.

WhatsApp Status

In this post we are going to tell you some quotations that you can use to create it as your WhatsApp Status and make it splendid.

Just like a flower smells. The sun comes out from light .. Similarly, after all my mother-in-law you miss me ..!

Often your eyes are opened to you, whom you blindly trust.

The best relation of the world is the same, where life becomes like the first with a slight smile and a small apology.

What color does it show that life is very fast, but it does not have any kind of love but every mother has love.

After getting her friends, she started teasing,
Why have you changed your color after meeting him with your lips?

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