Insurance Companies in india

at the current life Insurance is one thing that almost all of us have to think about and indeed should be possessing at least one, from a leading insurance company. The need for insurance would arise only when a liability or financial loss occurs when a family member passes away, especially who was the bread winner of the family.

Life Insurance Corporation

LIC being one of the oldest insurance company , still dominates the market. LIC was formed in 1956 after passing the bill of Life Insurance Corporation Act, by the parliament, in the same year. Over a period of time, LIC has grown leaps and bounds and still continues to dominate. LIC has sold approximately up to 2, 04, 04,281 policies.

Reliance Life Insurance

The Reliance Life Insurance is a part of the Reliance group and is a Reliance Capital Company. In terms of net worth, Reliance Capital Company is one among the leading private sector financial services of India and ranks among the top three in the private sector financial services. Reliance Life insurance has sold up to 6,98,109 policies

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