Top 8 Best Gaming Laptops That Will Bamboozle Your Gaming Experience!

Top 8 Best Gaming Laptops That Will Bamboozle Your Gaming Experience!

Top 8 Best Gaming Laptops That Will Bamboozle Your Gaming Experience!

Whenever we think of purchasing a gaming laptop the shrinking of funds always gives us. But if you love gaming and you are a couch potato you will have to bear a little pain of spending a huge amount. We gathered the list of Top 8 Best Gaming Laptops that will bamboozle your gaming experience.

For smooth gaming, we need better graphics, powerful RAM, a powerful processor and a lot of storage.Extra cooling pads, gaming laptops, keyboard, and other accessory make your experience better but they are auxiliary.

This festive season Flipkart and Amazon are providing heavy discounts on gaming laptops. For your help, we have prepared a list of Top 8 Best Gaming Laptops with their full specifications.

Top 8 Best Gaming Laptops That Will Bamboozle Your Gaming Experience!

1.HP 15-cb052TX
If you are looking for a laptop which will work a butterfly smooth fashion this could be a perfect laptop.

Key Features:- With a glowing green logo and a black-lit metal finish keyboard, this laptop has one of the best looks.

It is also lined with a dual storage if 1 TB and 128 GB solid state drive provides you extra space for the all the media. It runs in the i7 processor with 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB Hard Disk.

Another rare feature is type c port and turbocharging. Almost 90% of it gets charged in one and a half hour and gives a battery backup of 15 hours. It is available at Amazon for 95,800 INR.

Microsoft Surface Pro
This laptop is known for the degree of flexibility it promises. It a tab cum laptop. When used in tablet mode it is the best device in the market.

You need not to worry much about the update and all since it is a Microsoft product which means you will be having regular updates with a windows experience. It is available at Amazon and priced at 66,700.

Lenovo Legion Y530
If you are a keyboard warrior this laptop will make sure your that experience is silkier than what other gamers are having. NVIDIA Pascal powered graphics are the best till date. It comes with dual cooling fans and Intel 8th generation processor.

The special highlight is that it carries USB type C port, Mini DP, USB 3.0, HDMI, RJ-45 ports. It is available at Amazon at about 95,000 INR.

Asus TUF
It belongs to mediocre range priced at about 57,000 INR. This laptop has the best audio output among its competitors. However, display fails to impress but performance will it count. 7.1  channel audio and advanced backlit keyboard is the main highlight. You can’t have anything better at this price.

Dell Inspiron
This laptop is much of a ventilation to your suffocating pockets. In just the price segment of 75,000, it gives you brilliant performance as well as display.

It is sublimed with i5-7300 HQ processor and 8GB DDR4 RAM. With 1 TB of main storage and 128 GB SSD for your extra media. Graphics of this laptop are powered by 4GB GDD R5 chip from NVIDIA.

Asus Nitro RYZEN 5
This laptop is a gem when we talk about port. It can easily engulf the heads of as many cables needed by your gaming accessories. Sidelined from mainstream Intel processors it comes with an AMD processor which is better than Intel processors as per gamers.

It has brilliant performance due to AMD RYZEN 5 processor which is six- core and 12 processing type architecture. It has a special feature that reduces the reflection to a minimum.

Apple MacBook Air
It is a value for money product. It is priced at just 69,000 INR. Slim design, sleek look, and Mac OS attract customer very much.

Shift Technology, VR gaming, Matrix display, advanced cooling are the main highlights of this device. You will also love the black and golden color combination. It also carries an advanced cooling technology. World’s first 144 HZ thin and 4.99mm ultra-thin bezels with 82% screen to body ratio.


Here we enlisted top 8 best gaming laptops which you should try buying this festive season if you are a gaming geek. The pros and cons of this laptops are also listed above. You can choose the best laptop for you as per your pocket and requirements.

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